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"Vento d'Oriente" Dojo (national HQ)

“Vento D’Oriente” ("Wind from the Orient"): never been more appropriate name for a Dojo. In fact in Tuscany, and more precisely in Livorno (Leghorn), the city that has seen him born as athlete and then grow as a Master, the 7th Dan national director of WJJF Italy TM Sensei Stefano Mancini has opened courses for all, leaded directly by himself.
Dedicated almost exclusively to the traditional martial arts, the Dojo, built with wood, wants to preserve the charm and beauty of oriental philosophy and allows you to approach Jiu Jitsu in an exclusive setting that faithfully preserves those origins and culture, promoting respect and love for body and Spirit. "Team Spirit", this is the motto of WJJF Italy Team Mancini, sharing friendship and training on the mat for the athlete's growth and improvement, practicing and studying Jiu Jitsu. This year for the Mancini Team there were moments of great satisfaction and growth: in fact, the "Master Class Weekend" was held in Pisa last April, the first Ju Jitsu seminar in Italy to be done for two full days inside a hotel. Of course, the seminar was held with the presence of the International President Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti and the English Team headed by Soke Clark and it was a real success. In June, he participated with his direct students in an update seminar in England in the HQ of Soke R. Clark in Liverpool, where he received the 7th Dan after a brilliant examination together with his uke and friend Sensei Amir Barnea.
In the International Headquarters of Liverpool, there was also Sensei Claudio Rigacci from Pisa, who has received the 5th Dan after a great examination; moreover Sensei Patrizia Cassoli 4th Dan from Pisa has been named "National Coach FIMA from Italy".
Last but not least, Sensei Mancini went to Israel in July where he held a seminar in the "Summer Camp" organized by Sensei Amir Barnea for his students. So a great year for the School of Sensei Mancini, great satisfactions that will surely be repeated in the 2009/10 season, an intense year full of great Events.

Sensei Stefano Mancini takes courses in Livorno – Dojo “Vento d’Oriente”
Via delle Robinie n.20 (zona centro Comm. Porta a Terra)
Dojo Manager: Giacomo tel.+393202993952 – Laura tel.+393932100557
Mo – We – Fr from 5 to 6 PM Junior 4/10 years old
Mo – We – Fr from 6 to 7 PM Junior 10/16 years old
Mo – We – Fr from 7 to 8 PM Senior

As regards Black Belts Courses, you can view the official website wich lists all the events and special courses held by WJJF Italy Team Mancini: www.wjjf.it
Info: +393384684105 – smancini@interfree.it
Segreteria: +393336245225 – patriziacassoli@gmail.com