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Soke Stefano Mancini

Soke Stefano Mancini

Soke Robert Clark's student

Official European Representative of Soke Alan Campbell

AICS National Director for Martial Arts

His sporting activity is born soon at the age of thirteen with rowing: he participated in the 1977 World Championships in Tampere (Finland), as the youngest of the Italian National agonist (at the time of the Abbagnale brothers) and in 1978 he awarded the title of Italian junior champion and an international title in Switzerland (hexagonal), but he soon realized that this wasn't his Way ... He undertook the path in martial arts too, approaching to karate in the first 80's and to ju-jitsu in the same year, and also in this discipline he became soon a champion.

In 1982 in Milan he won the national title of kick-jitsu and in 1983 in the same city with Master Terry Parker as referee he became international champion. The turning point came in the 80's when he met Soke Robert Clark during an updating course of Ju-Jitsu at Liverpool, staying impressed by the "innovative method of his technical skill and energy of his teaching". From that moment, putting himself into question, leaving aside what was sport and so agonism, he has grown thought time both the technique and the mental form in this discipline. Master Clark's teachings and his example have developed in him the need to transmit the great technique gained through the years and then in 1991 to found an Italian School, "it was very natural to become a teacher while continuing to be a student". In 1993 he was asked for representing the WJJF Italy with Riccardo Sanna at the big event "La Pasqua del Budo", a tour through ten Italian cities with the greatest representatives of the WJJF of Europe of that time, like Sensei Alan Campbell (England), Sensei Mike (Sweden).

Stefano Mancini thinks that the distinctive element of Ju Jitsu is the fact that this discipline is based on a philosophy of living, on simple rules, such as friendship and mutual respect, which trace a line that can be followed in everyday life too. Unlike what some people think, ju jitsu does not teach or stimulate violence, but with practice you manage to channel aggression (a natural component in all of us) in its positive part, represented by the energy and control of force. With practice you get to no longer feel the need to prove how strong you are, moreover those who know how to defend themselves are quiter people, more confident, therefore increasing self-esteem.
During these years Sensei Mancini has been called to conduct courses and technical updates in several European countries (Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Czechoslovakia, France, England, Ireland, Israel, Iceland, Slovenia, Belgium) getting important nominations directly by Soke Clark as WJJF Executive Officer, never forgetting to keep studying the technique. On 7th June 2009 in fact he took the exam of 7th dan in Liverpool in front of his Master, Soke Robert Clark.

Nowadays he carries on a great school of Ju Jitsu with qualified instructors and with branches all over Italy and abroad, he provides a number of important initiatives for the Women section and Youth section through training courses and events organized by a big Authority like AICS, acknowledged by CONI.

National Headquarters: "Vento d’Oriente" – Livorno (Leghorn) Italy

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