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The tomfa was a weapon known in central and north China as the "Jano's ruler". A Chinese Master of tomfa faced in Bokuto Island Master Matsu Higa, armed with bo, a weapon in which he excelled. The Chinese Master was impressed by Higa's style and skill in using the bo (the unique weapon of kobudo that developed independently in Okinawa Island without suffering Chinese influences), so that he desired to teach him tomfa art which was later introduced into the martial practice of kobudo. The tomfa was the handle that was used to make the wheat millstone rotate and could be taken out of the millstone easily, so to be used as a weapon. With a firm grip you can protect all the forearm and you are able to hit with the projecting point or with a rapid rotating movement. One of them in each hand was usually used. Nowadays police corps in a lot of countries, for instance USA and Canada, employ this weapon, thanks to its versatility, because it can also be used to effect locking techniques.