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What is Ju-Jitsu?
Ju-Jitsu is a martial arts discipline of self-defense suitable for all ages, social standings and sexes. For more information contact the national office.

Where is it practiced?
Ju-Jitsu is practiced in civil structures like gyms, schools, etc. and in institutional structures like barracks, public gyms, and environments equipped for the professional training of Police and Armed Forces. To see where you can learn Ju-Jitsu, click here.

What is its main use?
Ju-Jitsu is used as a psychomotor, self-defense from any kind of menacing situation whether armed or hand-to-hand, as a method of socializing and as a means to become aware of one’s own limits.

At what age can one begin?
Ju-Jitsu is particularly suitable for children, that can begin to attend courses with a study program designed specifically for them (ages 5 and up).

At what age is one considered Senior?
The passage from Junior to Senior is at the age of 17.

Can Ju-Jitsu be practiced by women?
Ju-Jitsu is directed at the female world in a specific manner, attested to by the hundreds of anti-aggression and anti-rape techniques in our programs.

Is Ju-Jistu suitable for older people?
Ju-Jitsu is most useful for older people because it stimulates the memory and reactivates every part of the body, of course, if one is in generally good health.

Is it possible to combine it with other disciplines?
Certainly. Ju-Jitsu is compatible with other disciplines, whether martial arts or of another kind, as a complement to or the completing of one’s physical activity or knowledge.

What is Kobudo?
Il Kobudo consists in the study of the main traditional weapons of the Japanese medieval (nunchaku, sai, tonfa, bo, kama, katana, ecc.).

Are Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo separate subjects? Can I follow both courses?
In the technical syllabus of Ju-Jitsu, learning Kobudo is expected just after reaching black belt level for one's completeness. However, if you are interested immediately in deepening this side, you can attend the course dedicated to Kobudo. Even if it's possible the pratice of Kobudo only, it's highly recommended to follow the course as a complementary and additional to Ju-Jitsu (or to other discipline).