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Official Representative of Soke Alan Campbell for Europe

Official website of Ju-Jitsu Kobudo International (JJKI), Association which teaches Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo following the teachings that SOKE ROBERT CLARK gave to his student Sensei Mancini. It cooperates with experienced Masters, including many personal students of Soke Clark, such as:
Soke Stefano Mancini (Italy)
Soke Alan Campbell (Australia) appointed WJJF Vice-President by Soke Clark
Hanshi William Riley 9th dan (England)
Hanshi Steve Elliott 9th dan (England)
Sensei Sue Bott 7th dan (England) appointed FiMA International Coordinator by Soke Clark
Soke Fabrizio Lazzarin (Italy)
Sensei Tony Siong 7th dan (Thailand)
Sensei Phil Collins 5th dan (England)
Shihan Solon Ntanovasilis 6th dan (Greece)
Sensei Amit Porat 4th dan (Israel)
Soshi Claudio Artusi (Italy)... and others!
This Association come from those Schools attached to WJJF and Soke Clark, which hasn't shared the choices about WJJKO politics in Italy, followed by the passing away of Soke Robert Clark.
Here you will find all the news about the world of WJJ-TDS in Italy, an overview of the history of the Federation, informations about Ju-Jitsu and Instructors, the motivations that drive us to practice this discipline and the philosophy on which it is based. You can search on the cities where you can participate in our courses, as well as subscribe to the newsletter to be updated on federal training courses, events and anything else about the World Ju-Jitsu TDS. There is also a photogallery, a list of useful links and a press review. For more information contact us by e-mail or phone.


8th dan
World Ju-Jitsu TDS Europe

M°Stefano Mancini appointed T.D. official Representative
for Europe by M°Alan Campbell


Dear Members,
for not causing embarrassment or give rise to useless controversies, I decided to disband over the next days at the end of the season 2013 the sports association called "WJJF Italy Team Mancini."
So it will be possible to continue our Way with confidence, continuity and coherence, under the new flag of JJKI "Ju-Jitsu Kobudo International", in memory of my Sensei Soke Robert Clark and in support of World Ju-Jitsu TDS of Shihan Campbell.
I invite those who share our own ideas about Ju-Jitsu to visit the website of the new Association and to join this journey all together, with respect for all.
For further information write to info@jjki.org

Yours sincerely
M°Stefano Mancini

Italy, 7th April 2013: Dan examination and international
Seminar with M.Alan Campbell, M.Bill Riley, M.Stefano Mancini